All types of dental veneers in the world are applied in Turkey. In fact, dental veneer types are applied for the first time in Turkey and then they are started to be applied in other countries. Types of dental veneers in Turkey are named after the material used in their structure.

If the number of teeth of the person to be coated is high, the veneer should be in a more durable structure. if more than 2 dental veneers are required, dentists will recommend more zirconium or porcelain dental veneers with metal infrastructure. The types of dental veneers are as follows:

1-Porcelain Dental Veneer with Metal Infrastructure

In this method, after the measurement of the tooth structure is taken, a metal infrastructure suitable for these measurements is created. The veneer, which is then checked again, is ready for use after being polished.

2- Full Ceramic Empress Dental Veneer

This technique, which is applied for single tooth veneer, can be applied to the front single tooth, unlike the metal-based veneer. The biggest drawback that needs to be known is that it is not as durable as other veneers. As a result of hard blows, there is a high probability of breakage.

3-Porcelain Dental Veneer with Zirconium Infrastructure

Zirconium dental veneer technique, which has many different advantages, is used to provide aesthetic appearance. It is more preferred together with the fact that it does not cause any pulling on the gums.

4-Porcelain Laminate Veneer

This veneer, which is not complete like other tooth veneer methods, is applied only to the front of the tooth. Porcelain Laminate Veneer dental veneer, which ensures that the tooth is perfect in appearance, attracts attention as the dental veneer that patients like.

5-Composite Laminate Veneer

This method, which is not a type of dental veneer in the full sense, occurs mostly by gluing something to the tooth. The dental technician creates the tooth all over again by making additions to the tooth. It is the method used for filling between Decoupled teeth or repairing broken and cracked teeth.

What are the Advantages of dental veneers?

In addition to the function of oral and dental health, it is also a type of method used for cultivating smiles. Patients can safely choose the types of dental veneers. So what are the advantages of dental veneer types?

  • In case of missing teeth, a bridge is applied on the implant or on the teeth to restore aesthetics and lost function.
  • It allows the recovery of teeth that are broken, rotten or damaged, but whose root is intact.
  • It covers the appearance of the patient with a dental implant in the mouth and provides an aesthetic appearance.
  • It allows the worn, cracked or broken tooth to be restored and used again.
  • It is used in smile design.

How to Apply Types of Dental Veneers?

First of all, measurements of the tooth that will be made in the veneer are made. Then the tooth is cleaned and the formation of the shape suitable for the veneer is ensured.

Then the molds are prepared and temporarily placed on the tooth. In order to observe the compliance of the tooth with the mold, the patient must continue with the temporarily placed mold. If any problem is detected in this process, the mold is removed and the problem is eliminated with treatment application.

At the last stage, the tooth veneer process is applied and the process then ends. Dental veneers take 3 sessions as long as they do not encounter any problems. However, according to the patient’s condition and wishes, the process can be accelerated and the veneer process can take 2 sessions.

Decontamination of the tooth is very important. After the tooth veneer process is over, the patient should pay attention to oral care. It is necessary to brush your teeth 2 times a day, taking care of the use of dental floss. This is a clear answer to the question of how to apply types of dental veneers.