One of the most popular health activities in recent years is to receive health care abroad. This demand also increases the interest in health tourism. The countries of the world have started to develop themselves especially in dental services and they have started to benefit from the latest technology in this regard.

The 5 criteria for selecting dental clinics abroad, which we have compiled for you, will be an excellent guide for you to get the most accurate treatment abroad.

When choosing a dental clinic abroad, the price option may always be important to you, but there are more important criteria than that. 5 criteria for selecting dental clinics abroad will guide you in this regard. If you choose the clip accordingly, you will see that everything is going well. Here are those 5 criteria:

1- ) Budget Planning and Treatment Cost

In addition to the cost of dental treatment you will be in the clinic, you should also calculate your transportation, accommodation and personal expenses to the country where the clinic is located. In other words, you should plan a budget that is at least 2 times the cost of the treatment given to you.

Also make sure all costs are transparent and clear. In some countries, you may encounter hidden costs. Make sure that the total cost given to you by the clinic is the final price. In addition, the payment options offered to you are also very important. Some clinics may offer installment options. Be sure to find out if they accept credit card or cash payment.

2- ) Clinic and Dentist Preference

There are hundreds of clinics in every country where you can get dental treatment services. Search in detail about the services offered by these clinics on the internet and, if necessary, contact the dentists one-on-one. Ask all your questions and make sure you know everything before you go to that country.

Examine the comments and reviews about clinics and dentists. If there are complaints about them, check how they turned out. Request photos of previous dental treatments and review references. All dental clinics serving in Istanbul publish their references on their websites. You can review the before and after photos on the websites of the clinics.

3- ) Social and economic conditions of the country

One of the most important criteria is that the country you choose for dental treatment is suitable for you in terms of safety, social and economic aspects. You should feel safe as a foreign tourist in that country. You should prefer countries where patient rights are protected, your personal safety is ensured and of course you can easily make your personal expenses.

It is very important that your transportation, accommodation, food and beverage and other expenses are economical. If something bad happens to you, you should be able to protect your rights there. You should also have options to spend time after treatment by participating in social activities.

4- ) Transportation and Accommodation

Of course, it does not make much sense to take an 8-10 hour flight for a dental treatment. It is important that the country you choose is close to you. In addition, there should be more than one economical and comfortable accommodation options for you in that country.

Most dental clinics add these 2 details to their service packages. They cover transportation and accommodation expenses and give an all-inclusive price. Evaluate these options and avoid dealing with these details. This saves you both time and money and you can only focus on your treatment.

Countries close to you are more advantageous for you. Because you do not want to spend a few days of the time you allocate for treatment on the road. Istanbul is a city in the center of the world and Europe. It is the most beautiful city of Turkey, which is the easiest country to reach.

5- ) Hospitality and Communication Before and After Treatment

The first time you contact a dental clinic abroad, note their interest and hospitality. Approach to the patient is very important. You should stay away from money-only dental clinics.

When your treatment is completed and you return to your country, you should choose dental clinics that you can easily contact online. Patient-oriented hospitable clinics will always give you positive energy. Of course, you will find the most suitable clinics for this in Istanbul.

If you are planning to go abroad for dental treatment, these 5 suggestions we have given under the title of 5 criteria for selecting dental clinics abroad will guide you.