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The teeth and gums that affect the appearance due to various reasons can negatively affect the patient’s facial shape and smile. Smile makeover is a treatment method that can provide patients with as natural and beautiful appearance as possible with just a few operations.To sum up, it is a series of processes of evaluating the relationship among some aesthetic standards such as lips, gums, teeth, etc., the relationship between each other, and a detailed aesthetic analysis and evaluation of the way of smiling. Through the Smile makeover Turkey, patients with perfect smiles start a new life. The implementation of this procedure in Turkey can be traced back many years. Thousands of patients from European countries left Turkey with happy smiles. When we laugh, the compatibility of factors such as lip line, tooth height, gum level, tooth color, tooth arrangement, lips and teeth, and laugh line are important factors for aesthetic analysis of smiles.


Smile aesthetics, also known as Smile makeover, (and also Hollywood smile) is a branch of dental cosmetology. It is a process of enhancing the appearance of a smile through tooth veneer, bonding, dental implants, tooth whitening, and other cosmetic dental procedures within the scope of cosmetic dentistry. The purpose of these dental cosmetic treatments is to aesthetically adjust the structure of the teeth and the appearance of the gums when laughing. For this procedure, a special computer program is used to outline the aesthetic design, and then, if approved by the patient, the procedure begins. A series of aesthetic smiling procedures include oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, etc. Smiling is one of the communication skills that attracts and cares for a person the most. Today, people want a perfect smile and healthy mouth and teeth. The goal of Smile makeover is to develop a seamless chewing system that allows teeth, tissues, muscles, bone structures and joints to work in harmony. When you do a dental treatment plan for aesthetic phenomena, smile design is very important and cannot be separated from comprehensive treatments for patients. To create a successful, healthy and functional smile, it is necessary to determine the correct aesthetic smile. Obtaining the correct aesthetic smile results requires understanding the relationship between muscles, bones, joints, gum tissue and the entire oral support structure.

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How is Smile Makeover Performed?

First of all, it is important that teeth and gums are compatible with each other when creating a beautiful smile. Because when smiling, these two areas must be viewed in harmony and proportion. Generally speaking, women’s front teeth are slightly longer, while men’s front teeth are more evenly structured, and the cheeks play a supporting role here. This posture is more beautiful, but it also means a healthier smile. In the process of smile makeover procedure, the dentist will record the facial structure, skin tone and lip shape of the person during the smiling process. Combining all these elements, the doctor revealed a personalized way of classification of teeth and a way of smiling in the laboratory through preliminary research. Today, thanks to computer-assisted smile design, you can see how your teeth will glow with a new smile before the treatment is completed. After this process, the smile that best fits the human facial structure is designed, and the patient’s expectations and wishes are also involved in this process. Smile makeover treatment; it is applied in collaboration with prosthetics, Periodontologists and orthodontists. The smile design takes into account the symmetry of the face and smile, the width of the smile, age and gender, and the inner and outer appearance of the person. In order to get healthy and beautiful teeth, you can have a smile makeover in Turkey. Smile makeover is a kind of comprehensive treatment, which is the result of the combined effect of many factors. Extensive medical tests have been carried out, and after these tests, arrangements will be made on the computer and wax patterns will be prepared. The prototype control is completed. After these stages, there will be a transition to permanent repair.

Why you should choose Turkey for Smile Makeover?

Since this procedure covers multiple treatment modalities, it is very important to choose the right clinic. When choosing a smile beauty clinic, you need to make sure that all these treatments can be done in this clinic. Without treatment, it is difficult to succeed. The smile makeover clinic in Turkey is fully operational. In this regard, they are the best in Europe. As we all know, Turkey is the country with the highest dental health in the world. The Turkish smile transformation is the most successful treatment in this field. The app has been successfully produced by expert dentists and has attracted the attention of European patients. Therefore, if you want to have a perfect smile and receive treatment in Turkey, you can call us for consultation. Prices for Smile Makeover Turkey are planned separately and vary according to the type of treatment to be performed. For example, if the patient’s teeth are missing, implant treatment may be required or only zirconium-coated teeth may be required. The smile makeover cost can be determined after inspection by your dentist.

How long does Smile Makeover procedure take?

Smile makeover procedure includes processes such as applying zirconia veneer, bonding, whitening, and gum surgery, bridging, adjusting the length of teeth, and shaping lips to make a person’s smile reach an ideal state. Smile design; the dentist will check all details such as facial structure, skin color, teeth and lips. Smile Makeover treatment time takes an average of 2 courses. In the first session, analyze and record your data, and in the second session, the design after processing with the Mock Up application will be displayed. Start processing according to the method determined by the design result. Although the following treatment courses will vary according to the condition of your teeth and the surgery to be performed, they are usually divided into 3 courses. According to the needs of the patient, the smile design can be completed in one course of treatment, and it may take longer for treatments that require chin relationship. You must first decide what you want. Just 1 hour of teeth whitening treatment, you can have a beautiful smile. If the person has gum problems, just treat the gums and then bleach them to provide a beautiful smile design. Sometimes the gums are good, but the gums may be swollen. This time, you can get a beautiful and healthy smile through teeth cleaning or curettage. If there are health and aesthetic problems with teeth and gums, the treatment process can be slightly longer. Start gum treatment first. If necessary, perform tooth cleaning, gum scraping, and gum resection. These treatments are completed on the same day and wait a few days for the gums to heal. At the same time, the measurements taken from the patient are used to prepare the model and apply it to the patient. The shape and structure of the prosthesis to be performed are determined in the model program. At this stage, the patient’s expectations are also understood. After determining the way of smiling, it is decided which type of prosthesis surgery. Laminate porcelain is recommended, especially if the front teeth are intact and our problem is just deformity. In short; the time of smile cosmetic surgery varies depending on the patient’s condition.

Smile Makeover Cost in Turkey

Turkey is a country with self-renewing dental aesthetic treatment. The smile makeover in Turkey is professionally carried out using cosmetic dentistry methods. Porcelain laminate, glass backing or zirconia backed veneers are produced using a small whitening adhesive system with tooth whitening function or a combination of all these systems. The important thing here is to make a decision with the dentist and the patient and determine what the patient needs. In recent years, Turkey has tried different smile design techniques. Through this test method, a smile can be designed by meeting with cosmetic dentists and patients, showing teeth in the mouth with a special candle, and feeling the teeth in the mouth. Smile transformation is a treatment that can be done in many different ways. In addition, since it is a treatment that varies from patient to patient, there is no clear pricing policy. But the price of smile makeover Turkey is at least 2 times cheaper than other countries. To determine the Smile Makeover price in Turkey, the patient must first be inspected privately. Develop a tailor-made treatment plan that takes into account the structure of the patient’s teeth, their order, and tooth loss. Unlike what you know, smile transformation is not just about teeth. The structure of lips, the structure of teeth and gums are also factors that affect the price of Smile Makeover in Turkey.

Smile Makeover Turkey

6. What is the cost of the smile makeover?

Smile Design prices vary according to the transactions to be made.


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A smile makeover is a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. Your dentist can combine any number of cosmetic procedures, including teeth whitening, dental bonding, and porcelain veneers.

An individual that wants to achieve any of the following should get a smile makeover.

  • A younger look to take away years from your appearance.
  • More confidence when smiling.
  • Improved dental health.
  • For a more appealing look.

When it comes to a smile makeover, each treatment is unique and has its own advantages. The smile makeover has a ton of benefits as a whole. The treatment would be tailored just for you. It will focus on the structure of the teeth. For instance, if you wish to undergo teeth whitening, the trays will be exclusively designed for only your teeth. You can expect the following benefits from the treatment.

  • Improvement in oral health and overall health.
  • Improvement in wellbeing and self-confidence.
  • The desire to smile more often.

A wide range of cosmetic procedures are incorporated into smile makeover treatment plans, including porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, dental bonding, and gum contouring. Some patients also undergo orthodontic treatment with Invisalign® or traditional braces.

The duration of your treatment will depend on the number and type of procedures, as well as the extent of the changes you want to make. Some smile makeovers take as little as one office visit, while others may require several weeks of treatment. For patients who add orthodontic treatment to their smile makeover, the timeline will be longer.

Most cosmetic dentistry treatments involve little to no discomfort. Some patients notice a feeling of mild pressure during the placement of porcelain veneers or dental crowns. Most patients find local anesthetic is sufficient to keep them comfortable during treatment. However, if you experience dental anxiety, you can discuss sedation options with your dentist.

Excess gum tissue is a frustration for many patients. Gum tissue can conceal healthy teeth and create a stunted smile. The gums additionally may be uneven. Gum contouring with a dental professional like Dr. Ahmed is a safe, effective way to address excess gum tissue and achieve a more balanced, bright smile.

If you have discolored, chipped, or cracked teeth, you are a good candidate for a Smile Makeover at Old Town Smile. Men and women who have a few missing teeth are also good Smile Design candidates. Candidates for smile design should have all their adult teeth. Whether you are seeking an improvement of a few teeth or of your entire mouth, Dr. Ahmed has the expertise and range of quality dental solutions you deserve.

Smile Design treatments are custom-tailored to address the unique needs of every patient. Smile Design pricing will depend on the procedures patients decide to incorporate into their treatment. Once you and your dentist have determined the procedures that will best achieve your desired outcome, you will receive your personalized pricing breakdown.

Smile Design can correct a wide variety of cosmetic and practical dental issues. The steps and desired results of a Smile Makeover will reflect the unique needs and personal goals of each patient. Dr. Ahmed takes each patient’s age, sex, and unique facial features into account when customizing their Makeover plan. No two smile design plans are the same!

Smile Design can:

  • Whiten and brighten teeth
  • Balance the alignment of the teeth
  • Make the front teeth the same height and width
  • Achieve a better gum-to-teeth ratio
  • Strengthen teeth & dental function
  • Help patients’ smile match the curve of their lips
  • Reduce risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and infection
  • Dramatically boost patient confidence
  • Make the entire face look younger and healthier

For the most part, there is no age limit for cosmetic dental treatments. As long as you have good oral health and can safely undergo the included procedures, you should be able to receive a smile makeover.

Due to the flexibility of a smile makeover, almost any patient is a candidate for treatment.

Your treatment plan will depend entirely on your goals for your smile. No two patients have the same cosmetic goals, which is why each makeover is unique.

There is no limit to how many treatments you can include in your plan. You may find that two or three procedures is enough to meet your needs. However, your dentist can advise you how best to achieve your aesthetic goals. Keep in mind that sometimes, performing treatments in a particular order will produce the most beautiful results.

Many dentists integrate advanced technologies into treatment. Virtual smile design software allows dentists to provide a preview of your expected results. Talk to your dentist about the tools that can be used during your smile makeover.

It depends on how well you look after your teeth. Generally, teeth whitening can last at least a year, although no whitening is permanent, as teeth can become stained again and naturally discolour with age. However, whitening can be topped up as needed if you opt for the home system.

With teeth straightening, teeth will move back if a retainer isn’t worn at night once the treatment is completed. With veneers and crowns, the generally quoted average is 10 years, but this can be longer with proper care.

Gapped teeth can be addressed with veneers, cosmetic bonding, or Invisalign. Patients can address gaps due to missing teeth with dental implants for long-lasting, natural-looking results.

You will see the improvements in your smile immediately after your Smile Makeover! Patients who received gum contouring, veneers, or implants may have sore gums. You dentist will discuss pain medication with you if necessary. All patients will receive personalized recovery instructions following their Smile Makeover, such as when they will be able to eat following their procedure and if dietary restrictions are required. In order to see the healthiest, longest-lasting results from smile design, regular at-home dental hygiene habits are a MUST. Patients who are dedicated to at-home oral care and regular dental check-ups will enjoy their whitest, brightest smile life-long!

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