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Dental treatment methods are evolving every day, and different techniques are used to treat patients with dental problems. Veneers in Turkey are the most common of these treatments. It is one of the most effective ways to treat tooth decay or missing teeth.

You can process dental veneers in all countries of the world. You have many choices. In Turkey, the number of patients with impressive healthy teeth using dental veneers has exceeded millions. In this dental veneer guide, we will explain all the details about dental veneers.

We will provide important information about veneers in Turkey. We will introduce in detail the treatment methods, the price of veneers in Turkey, and of course the experience and practices of .

After reading this guide, you will find answers to all questions about dental veneers. We will try to explain the veneer technique and the best veneer type for you. You and your dentist can determine your preferences together.

What is Dental Veneer?

Veneers may be required due to fractures, cracks, bruises and lumps on the teeth. In addition, because the teeth are broken or yellow, veneers can be made on the teeth for cosmetic purposes. Veneers are thin durable shells made of tooth colored materials that are bonded to the surface of a tooth to enhance its appearance.

If you have stained or chipped teeth, veneers are also a popular treatment for smile makeovers or for individuals who want their dream smile. Dental veneer procedure is the process of covering teeth with tooth-shaped materials to protect teeth that have suffered excessive material loss due to various reasons.

Dental veneer can also be applied for cosmetic reasons, but this depends entirely on the patient’s wishes. It is a cosmetic and restorative treatment method used to correct tooth defects. Allows you to change the shape, color, and size of teeth that are deformed, damaged, or have gaps between teeth.

It is one of the treatments to give teeth aesthetics. The bed sheet, also called leaf porcelain, is a translucent layer that is perfect for teeth. During the operation, there is little wear on the solid tooth tissue, and anesthesia is usually not required. Laminate veneer requires at least 2 or 3 times.

However, depending on the condition and number of teeth, this period may be different. It can be applied to anyone over 18 years old. The price of veneers in Turkey is the most advantageous price in Europe.

How is Dental Veneer performed?

Veneers are the process of covering the surface of the teeth. This process is used when the teeth cannot be preserved due to large cavities in the teeth of the patient. Many different veneer procedures are used in the tooth veneer process. Choose this type of veneer, the condition of the teeth, the cost, and the patient’s expectations for the most suitable veneer type, and then start the process.

After the person decides to finish the veneer, the treatment process begins. In the next stage, those who want to use dental veneer crowns, ceramics, and zirconium veneer as veils, choose one of many options to decide. The patient was told the procedure to follow during the veneer process. If necessary, X-rays can be taken and the procedure can be applied to the digital system or after oral treatment.

Dental Veneer Types

It is hoped that the veneers made for the anterior teeth will have a natural appearance. The image of artificial teeth can interfere with this person and leave a negative impression on another person. Generally speaking, problems such as poor veneer production, chromatic aberration, and incompatibility between tooth shape and natural teeth are usually the first to be noticed.

For those with dental problems, we have prepared a brief information about the types of dental veneers. Thanks to this article, you can easily decide which dental coating option to choose. And getting veneers in Turkey covers all these veneer types. You can choose a veneer type you prefer.

 The average veneers cost is:

  Composite Porcelain E-Max
Turkey €90 – €190 €190 – €500 €470 – €2.000
The US €550 – €800 €900 – €2,940 €340 – €5000
Europe €400 – €500 €800 – €1,500 €600 – €9000
UK €520 – €540 €840 – €1900 €380 – €3200

Porcelain Veneer

Porcelain veneer is a treatment method, due to various aesthetic and functional reasons, the tooth loses its function and loses its substance. It is a coating placed on the teeth in the form of leaves. Through these applications, people’s aesthetic problems are eliminated, and they have a more beautiful smile and a more comfortable oral function. 

Porcelain veneers Turkey is a very beneficial treatment, as well as a functional and aesthetic treatment. The porcelain laminate is a very strong structure after it is applied and bonded to the teeth. The force you exert while biting or chewing food will not remove the laminate.

Foods and forces that can destroy natural teeth can also cause laminates to crack. Laminate does not require special care, just use brushing and flossing to clean natural teeth. If you pay attention to oral hygiene, you will be able to use the laminate for many years to add confidence and beauty to your smile with its very beautiful and natural appearance.

First, it is necessary to meet with your dentist and measure one or more places where the porcelain teeth will be made. Based on these measurement results, prepare porcelain teeth for the space to be struck. Before placing the porcelain teeth, you should see a doctor and check the measurement results several times according to the situation. In this step, the cavity will be measured multiple times to avoid finding size problems.

Then as the last step, if applicable, insert the porcelain teeth and complete the treatment. The life of porcelain teeth is about 10 years, but it depends on the patient’s care of the teeth. This time can be extended by good dental care, but it must be replaced after a period of time, because very old porcelain teeth can bother the patient. Porcelain veneers cost a little more than other types of veneers.

Zirconium Veneer

Zirconium veneer is a group of metal-free veneers that have a more natural appearance compared to metal backed veneers. Zirconium porcelain veneers; because of its white color, light transmittance and durability, it is a kind of veneer widely used in dentistry after dental metal porcelain, which can be used for aesthetic restoration in dental treatment.

For more aesthetic purposes, in advanced coloring that cannot be achieved by methods such as whitening, in the treatment of genetic structure coloring, in the restoration of distally rotating or slightly distorted teeth, old distorted fillings, excessive loss of material, For example, fissures, where orthodontic treatment is not the first choice, are full of age in the recovery of excessively lost substances.

It can be used as a bridge or veneer on the teeth, an implant prosthesis for the anterior teeth group, and to adjust the beauty of a smile. There are two different methods of tooth veneer, such as veneer with metal support and veneer without metal support.

The lack of attention to the posterior teeth can also affect the aesthetics of the metal support veneers of the anterior teeth. It also has a favorable structure in terms of gum health. Zirconium porcelain is a durable, heat-resistant, and color-permeable white substance used to make teeth.

Laminate Veneer

A laminate veneer is a veneer that covers the teeth with minimal scratches. This type of veneer, which requires a thin layer of processing on solid teeth, is also called blade veneer. It is the porcelain tooth design specially prepared according to the damage and deformity of the tooth, and it is glued to the front surface of the tooth, eliminating the aesthetic problem.

 Laminate veneers in Turkey can be applied to teeth without etching. It is a thin semi-permeable layer that provides perfect harmony and sensitivity. Porcelain veneer close to the appearance of the tooth, although the structure is thin, it is very durable and not easy to break. As the method to minimize the loss of solid tooth tissue, it is preferable to restore the lost tooth tissue with porcelain veneers.

Unlike cutting the entire tooth and veneer on it, the application of laminated veneer can change the shape and color of the tooth by only minimally etching the visible part, which is one of the most widely used methods in aesthetic dentistry. In order to make laminate teeth durable and beautiful, proper and rigorous research on the procedure, the technology used is the most important.

Veneer Prices in Turkey

Specifically, patients who want to obtain dental veneers in Turkey from Europe want to know the answer to the question of how much veneers cost in Turkey. And of course, Veneer Prices in Turkey may vary depending on the quality and type of materials used in the application, and the experience of the dentist and clinic.

The hospital applying, the doctor performing the operation, the materials used, the quality of these materials, and the characteristics of the disinfection conditions will cause the difference in the price of dental veneers. If you want to know the price of Turkish veneer, you can call us and find out Affordable Prices. Contact Now and Discover Our Veneers Deals Now!

Veneers Price List 2023 Updated

E.max Veneer
5 years 3-4 visits  5 days
Laminate Veneer
5 years 3-4 visits  5 days
Zirconium Crown
5 years 3-4 visits  5 days
Ceramic Crown
3 years 3-4 visits  5 days

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