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Zirconium dental crown is a treatment method that replaces lost tooth tissue by coating porcelain on a basic structure composed of zirconium alloy, zirconia. With the development of today’s technology, the ever-increasing aesthetic expectations have laid the foundation for starting to use new substances in dentistry.

One of them is a porcelain restoration with a zircon base structure. Dental crowns can be used for full crowns, implant bridges and crowns, laminated veneers called leaf crowns, posterior structures and as inlay restorations. In addition, there are braces, implants and orthodontic abutments containing zircon.

Due to the whiteness and light transmittance of the zirconia frame, the zirconia dental crown is natural and beautiful. It has a high compatibility with fabrics and will not cause allergic reactions. Due to the method used in the construction phase, the margin of error is close to zero. They can be prepared well.

This is very difficult. The harmony of the gums is good. Due to its thermal conductivity, it does not produce sensitivity. Zirconium is one of the most frequently used materials in dental crown in Turkey treatments.

What is zirconium crowns?

Zirconium is a white material used to replace the gray metal in classic metal backing porcelain veneers and dental bridge prosthesis frames. Zirconia crown can be used for teeth that are excessively stained and cannot be corrected by whitening, in cases where orthodontic treatment cannot be applied or preferred, and in cases where confusion is observed, separation is observed in the teeth, in the old, large, and blocked Teeth, construction.

Covers and bridges for anterior and posterior teeth, and dentures on implants to provide smile aesthetics. Zirconia dental crowns can be easily completed after the mandible has grown in 18-20 years. To make zirconia teeth, shave about 1-2 mm from the surface of the teeth.

This shaving process is to numb the teeth, and then make a temporary tooth-shaped coating on the color and shape, thereby reducing the hot and cold whine of the teeth. In addition, the temporary covering makes the patient feel safer in social life. The zirconium crowns are tested until the patient is satisfied, and the construction process is completed in about 1 week.

How are zirconium crowns performed?

The treatment of zirconia crowns is similar to other tooth veneers. Dental crown in Turkey is performed using the latest technology. The most decisive difference between tooth veneers is of course the type of material used for veneers. As with metal backing veneers, before applying the zirconia treatment, minor corrections and adjustments are made to the teeth to be veneered.

With these corrections, the teeth are usually reduced and shaped so that the coating can be accurately attached to the teeth. The zirconium dental crowns in Turkey is made with CAD/CAM technology.

In addition to the zirconia frame produced in a color suitable for the teeth, the porcelain superstructure has also been treated and harmonized with the teeth in the clinical environment.

In the final stage, it is bonded to the teeth by using a special dental coating adhesive and integrated in a permanent way. If the patient has gum problems, some measures will be taken to do this. A person’s gum disease is mainly cured.

Zirconia teeth can be made after human gum disease has been treated. When a tooth is lost for any reason, the adjacent tooth will begin to enter this cavity. As a result, adjacent teeth have gingival problems, bone loss due to overturning in the cavity, loss of aesthetics, and changes in chewing force.

If this cavity is not repaired with implants or bridges for a long time, these adjacent teeth may also be lost. This kind of technical ceramics developed for dentistry uses smart zirconium ceramics in restoration treatment, which has made a great contribution.

Why you should choose Zirconium Crowns?

It can be said that the most popular type of dental crown is zirconium porcelain dental crowns. The procedure is the same; reduce the circumference of the tooth and make a zirconium veneer. Zirconium is a very strong white metal. It does not darken like other crowns, and it can be said to be the most beautiful and elegant finish.

Porcelain can be added to increase its durability. Its light transmission is very good, but it is more sensitive than Emax crowns. It is more elegant and more expensive than metal supported crowns. Because of its natural appearance and the most ideal incisor crown, it is the most popular type of crown today.

Another feature of zirconia crowns in Turkey is that they are suitable for doctors. Their corrosion resistance is also the reason why they are used in dental treatments. With the consumption of colored foods, such as tea and coffee, their color will not change. The buildup of scale is not visible because its surface is polished.

Full mouth Zirconium Crowns

Full mouth zirconium crowns brings a biological harmony and natural appearance to our body. Zirconia is a high-tech product that has proven its durability as heat shields and brake discs in sports cars and is now used by dentists.

This kind of technical ceramics developed for dentistry uses smart zirconium ceramics in restorative treatment, and its contributions are multifaceted. Studies have shown that so far, the highest performance has been achieved in terms of aesthetics, robustness, tissue compatibility and naturalness, which are the basic requirements of dentistry.

Zirconium Crowns in Turkey

For Turkish and foreign patients living abroad, the price of dental crowns in Turkey is very cheap. Zirconium Crowns Turkey produces fast, high-quality solutions. There is of course a reason why treatment is cheaper than Turkey.

The labor cost is low, most of the materials are manufactured in Turkey, transportation is convenient and cheap, and many convenient facilities are provided for foreign patients. Affordable prices do not mean poor quality of treatment. The treatment success rate is 100% and the quality is very high. All patients who received zirconia treatment in Turkey returned to their home countries happily.

Due to high-tech requirements and higher investment costs, zirconia dental crowns are more expensive than traditional metal porcelain teeth. Due to its long-term success, this cost increase should generally be met in terms of meeting aesthetic expectations and texture-friendly properties.

When determining product prices, cost-benefit calculations are of decisive significance for zirconia ceramics. Like many products, zirconia-based porcelain teeth determine the price of the zirconia ceramic production method and whether it is made by a professional team.

Zirconium Crowns in Istanbul

Zirconia dental crown is a natural crown method, especially suitable for beauty smile area. It is transparent and friendly to gums. With Zirconium Crowns in Istanbul, you can have perfect teeth and get rid of all dental problems. It is the most popular crown method for discolored teeth, protruding teeth and intermittent teeth.

One of the most important advantages of zirconia crown treatment is the harmony of the gums. Because there is no metal in its basic structure, there are no dark purple stripes on the edge of the chewing gum, and the chewing gum does not change color.

Although some of the gums have been removed during brushing and use by patients over the years, it does not look bad because there is no metal in its infrastructure. You can even continue to use it this way.

Zirconium Crowns Prices in Turkey

The price of each dental clinics in Turkey may be different. The crown prices in Turkey varies depending on the brand used. The prices of porcelain crowns and bridges supported by zirconia and zirconia are also different. Zirconium price information is provided after free inspection by our professional dentists.

As a free exam, you can get detailed information about the cost of treatment. Or, if you send photos of your mouth and tooth structure via the Internet, you can give an average price. As Turkey prohibits the publication of treatment prices on the Internet, we recommend that you call the clinic to find out the current prices.

Zirconium Crown Teeth Turkey Treatment Summary 2023

Treatment Cost of Single Turkish Crown (€  ) GUARANTEE CLINIC VISIT LENGTH OF STAY IN TURKEY
Zirconium Crown Teeth
5 years 3-4 visits 5 days

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