Get Full Set of Veneers in Turkey with Affordable Prices

Dental treatment can be performed on one tooth or all teeth. The full set of veneers name is usually used for veneer dental treatment. In short, it is a treatment for all teeth. Because this treatment is a bit expensive, people tend to prefer countries with cheap and high-quality dental treatments such as Turkey. You can get a complete dental treatment 3-4 times cheaper than in European countries.

Full Set of Veneers Turkey have fast and inexpensive treatment options. The complete denture is made of ceramics obtained by firing glass-ceramics on a crystalline ceramic core compressed under pressure.

Porcelain teeth with high durability have the closest shape to natural teeth because they have the greatest light transmittance. After applying the dental veneers process, routine care should be performed regularly.

On the other hand, regular physical examinations will have a positive impact on the life of veneer teeth. Avoid eating hard foods. There is no age limit for the application of dental veneers.

The application of a full set of veneers is an application that is performed directly on the teeth. To perform this application, you must have teeth. Scrape around the teeth to be painted, ready to apply and apply the veneer.

What is Full set of Veneers?

Veneers are a personalized treatment method. Another name for this treatment, called whole teeth, is Emax veneers. All teeth are treated as part of this treatment. The full set of veneers are made of porcelain, and glass-ceramics are fired on a pressure-compressed crystalline ceramic core, and no metal frame is used, which increases durability.

Everything is ceramic. Using special technology in the laboratory and produced with the help of a computer, the queen veneer is similar to your natural tooth. Mainly used for incisors and molars.

It is very successful in terms of aesthetic appearance. Since the all-ceramic fillings are completely prepared in a computer environment, the harmony between the fillings and the teeth is perfect. Dentists use two types of fillings in clinical check. The first is plastic-based fillers, which we call composite materials. The other is metal filler, black filler. But black filler is no longer use and the first choice of patients.

How are Full set of Veneers performed?

First, measure the size of the teeth and make a suitable smile design for the patient. The approximate appearance after treatment using the model design method is shown to the patient in advance. In this way, treatment starts with a smile design, which takes into account the expectations and ideas of the patient and is approved.

Under local anesthesia, about 2 mm was eroded from the tooth and sent to the laboratory for measurement. In the same course of treatment, temporary teeth are prepared and glued to the patient.

In the process of making a complete denture, the patient can easily continue his social and business life. The veneer is permanently bonded during the second or third session. Turkey is one of the countries where this treatment is done most frequently and full set of veneers cost is more economical than other countries.

Full Set of Veneers in Turkey

Patients from abroad prefer Turkey because of its low price and successful dental treatment. In Turkey, complete dentures are a personalized treatment method. During the treatment, you can spend a pleasant holiday and spend time in cities such as Istanbul and Antalya.

Instead of spending more money on treatment, you can also enjoy treatment and vacation at the same time. In this sense, you have many advantages. A full set of veneers done in Turkey is determined by the dentist.

If the teeth are sufficient, use this method of aesthetic medicine. If there are conditions that cause the appearance and deformation of the front teeth, these teeth can be treated with whole teeth. In this treatment method, no metal is placed on the teeth, and there is no excessive cutting and reduction of the teeth.

The thinning can be up to 0.7 mm. Therefore, it is a healthy and natural treatment method that will not cause any damage to the teeth. Full Set of Veneers in Turkey offers many advantageous opportunities especially to foreign patients.

Full set of Veneers Cost in Turkey

As we mentioned at the beginning, this treatment is more expensive than other dental treatments. The Full set of Veneers Cost in Turkey may vary from region to region. For example, the price of full set of veneers in Antalya or Istanbul is more suitable than other cities. If you want quality and professional service, these cities are your best choice. The price in Istanbul is cheaper than in European cities.

On the other hand, aesthetic tooth veneers are usually not covered by insurance because they are classified as cosmetic surgery. For information on the price of dental veneers, the price catalog of the Turkish Dental Association can be accepted as a guide. In addition, there may be changes depending on the experience of the dentist, the field of experience and the procedure to be applied.

FAQ About Full Set Of Veneers

Who is suitable for full set of veneers?

A full set of veneers can be made for anyone with beauty problems under the right age and conditions. At the same time, if the tooth length is shortened due to tooth wear, a full set of veneers can be made in Turkey to prevent the teeth from darkening and losing vitality.

First check the all-ceramic teeth to determine whether the person’s oral and dental health is suitable for porcelain veneers Turkey. Empress ( emax veneers) can be easily applied to teeth that are spaced and worn, stained and deformed due to enamel. First, take pictures of the inside of the mouth and face. After that, obtain the size of the teeth and complete the smile design.

According to the expectations and requirements of the person speaking through the mold, the final shape is given the desired appearance of the tooth. After that, we enter the stage we call the smile design and place the all-ceramic teeth in place under local anesthesia.

After bonding a temporary design that matches the color of the tooth, observe the sensitivity. If there is no problem with the harmony of the Empress veneers, a permanent bond should be used.

All porcelain, after use, allows people to eat and drink easily, and will not improve the sensitivity to cold and heat, because it is compatible with the teeth, and the adhesive used will not dissolve in the oral environment. It is comfortable to apply and easy to use. Laminates are the most preferred for porcelain veneers applications.

Is the Full set of Veneers cheap treatment?

The full set of veneers may vary depending on the number of teeth to be applied, the needs of the person, the quality of the selected materials, whether other dental treatments are needed, and the treatment plan.

Empress teeth are the closest shape to natural teeth, and due to their durability and permeability, their price may be more expensive than other types of veneers Turkey. After the first check, you can get the healthiest information about Empress dental prices.

With porcelain tooth technology, you can instantly have a natural mouthful of teeth. Thanks to the Empress veneers, tooth fracture and loss will not become your nightmare as before. Since the materials used in the application are imported from abroad, they may be affected by currency prices.

Factors such as rising rents, rising minimum wages and inflation will also push up prices. Dozens of factors such as the characteristics of the hospital where the application is located, the doctor performing the operation, the materials used and the quality of these materials, and the sterilization conditions will cause the price of dental veneers to vary.