The success of dental implant treatment depends on the implant brand used in the treatment. Of course, the dentist’s experience and the treatment technique used are the most important thing, but the implant brand is also very important. The Best dental implant brands in the world listed below are the most preferred brands in implant treatment.

These brands are also the choice of the best dental clinics in the world. Prices and features are different from each other. Best dental implant brands also used in Turkey, is an option for patients. If you want, let’s get to know these brands closely!


Straumann implant is one of the most applied methods in dental treatment and it is a method that can be applied by offering alternative options even if the vertical bones of the patients are too short. This method is a treatment method with a history of up to 60 years, and thanks to Straumann‘s short implants, there is no need to limit it in vertical areas.

Dental Ratio-Meisinger

Meisinger is a Surgical Cutter/Piercing Cutter. It is the Locator/Input mill for implant operations. Due to its high sharpness, it does not cause heat in the bone. Thanks to its full pointed entrance, it makes the entry process without slipping even on the thinnest crests.


Oktagon is a high-quality type of dental implant manufactured by the German company Meisinger. It is produced with the mentality of being simple and durable, there are 3 different bodies and 2 different surface types.

Dentsply Sirona

DENTSPLY International started its activities as a Supplier Company for Dentists in New York City in 1899, and Sirona Dental Systems was established in Erlangen, Germany in 1877. 

Transformational performed in 2016 with the merger of companies, Dentsply Sirona, sales channels in more than 120 countries all over the world, shown in more than 40 countries, commercial activities, and more than 16,000 employees, has become the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies.


Dentsply Ankylos is an implant treatment product of a brand that started serving in the field of biomedical and implant treatment in 1899, which originated in the United States. It stands out as a pioneering organization that has made great R&D studies in the production of products for many different implant treatments in the USA.


Osstem implant is one of the most preferred implant types of recent times with its price and quality balance. Osstem Implant is a brand of implant applied to those who lack teeth and want to achieve aesthetic appearance.

The brand, which specializes in dental implants worldwide and has managed to announce its name to the world wide, continues to develop R& D investments, Osstem implants and innovations in order to meet the needs and the trend towards the brand.

Does the brand of the implant matter? Does it affect treatment?

It would not be correct to call any brand as the best brand among implant brands. Implant manufacturers carry out different studies according to the operations to be performed and the types of treatment to be performed.

You can count on all brands that have successful literature reviews and are on Dec agenda with R&D studies.A groundbreaking and highly effective method of dental treatment, the implant is one of the healthiest methods close to the natural tooth today.

Thanks to the material placed on the jawbone, this artificial root canal tooth, which a person can easily use, pleases patients both aesthetically and in terms of use.

Such widespread use and popularity of the implant has also led to differences in implant brands. Implant treatment, which is quite in demand, has led to a serious increase in implant brands, which previously had several. However, these implants, which are made with commercial concerns and financial concerns, can be dangerous.

These poor-quality implants, which negatively affect human health, can cause discomfort in the patient over time, which can lead to tooth loss and bone resorption. When choosing Best dental implants we recommend that you consider the recommendations of the dentist.

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