How much Full...

How much Full Set of Veneers in Turkey?

How much Full Set of Veneers in Turkey?

One of the most expensive and even the most difficult treatments among the Veneers treatments is the Full Set of Veneers treatment. In any case, if you do not have this treatment done in professional dental treatment countries such as Turkey, you will not get a successful result. The Full Set of Veneers in Turkey has been successfully applied for many years. The Full Set of Veneers prices in Turkey is about $15,000 on average, and these prices are very variable. It does not matter how much it costs. The main thing is that you find a dental clinic and an experienced dentist who can perform this treatment. You can have a full set of veneer treatment in cities such as Antalya and Istanbul. Full Set of Veneers Prices in Istanbul vary according to which veneer type you prefer. Full Set of Veneers Prices in Antalya are also variable. Zirconium veneer is generally preferred in this treatment. If your budget is a little better, empress veneer is also preferable. These preferences are determined after the initial consultation with your dentist. Let’s say that the prices are much more affordable than other cities and countries. If you prefer porcelain veneer, you can be treated at more economical prices. Porcelain veneers are the method applied to eliminate the aesthetic causes of the teeth. Porcelain dental coating is expressed as the coating application of the original tooth surface with the resulting porcelain veneer material. Porcelain veneers in natural tooth color and natural appearance are applied in separate sizes for each damaged tooth of a person.

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Full Set of Veneers

How much Full Set of Veneers in Istanbul vs Antalya?

All dental treatment prices in Turkey are determined by a state-authorized institution, and dental clinics are based on these prices. The Full Set of Veneers Prices in Antalya is determined according to this list. These prices are the minimum prices. It may be different in each clinic. Other cities may be different with the Full Set of Venice Prices in Istanbul. Since the full set of veneer treatment is more comprehensive than other veneer treatments, its cost is also higher. The veneer brand you choose, its quality, the dentist’s experience, and even the equipment and comfort of the clinic can affect the prices. But you can still get treatment at very affordable prices. It is possible to have a pleasant time in Istanbul or Antalya during the treatment. This is one of the reasons why patients prefer these 2 cities. The span life of full set of veneers is between 7 and 10 years, depending on the use. Since there is no significant pain or soreness after applying the coating, those who have had the application can return to their normal lives immediately. After application, drinks with extremely cold and hot foods should not be consumed for a week. In addition, hard foods that will damage the coating should also be avoided. After treatment, you can get information by making an interview with Antalya and Istanbul clinics on the Internet.